Peace River Electric Cooperative (PRECO) is a new Member of NISC. We are embarking on a new journey with NISC—as we are now in the process of converting several of our solutions to NISC’s iVUE® solutions. Over the years, many people have inquired about NISC’s implementation process and when they approached me about documenting our implementation as it happens, I jumped at this unique opportunity. To share an implementation experience as it happens has never happened before in our industry and I think there will be many benefits of sharing our experiences.

This is a software implementation and we know the system will have errors and things will not work right out of the box. We know we will have some hard days ahead and the Florida sun will not shine every day but in the end, I know that NISC will be there right with us, ensuring we are on track to a successful implementation. I hope what I share in this blog that you will find a tidbit or two that you can take away and apply at your office. We will be posting blogs on the NISC Community (that may have some proprietary information) as well as on the website.

Please join me over the next year, as I share with you an honest dialog as to how NISC and PRECO work together to implement several iVUE solutions.