Technology is ever-changing and constantly impacting our jobs. That’s why at NISC, we provide ongoing support in as many ways as possible. We know that some people prefer to talk on the phone while others like to seek out information and learn for themselves. Our 360 degree approach to support not only helps each person about any topic but also, when they need assistance. Many of the NISC support teams have a telecommunications or utility background and understand exactly what you challenges are when it comes to getting your job done. Our teams are open to your feedback and look for new ways to solve any challenges that arise. As a member of HDI, NISC’s customer service team is actively monitoring how we support and ways to improve supporting you. Many of our team leads and management are HDI certified.

Online Learning

This Web-based scenario training is your premier online learning tool to be used by iVUE® users. Classes are designed to be self-learning on the modules you need to learn and stay up-to-date on throughout iVUE.

Recorded WebExes

Sessions cover all the applications you are implementing, individually. The content provides an overview of the applications with a concentration on the functions that are regularly used. These recorded sessions can be watched multiple times and started/stopped at your convenience.

Weekly WebEx Training

These online courses are designed to meet your specific needs related to NISC’s solutions or enhancements. With sessions spanning the iVUE Enterprise System, it’s easy to attend a session that relates directly to your day-to-day job.

Regional Workshops

With travel comes cost, that’s why NISC offers workshops held in multiple locations throughout the continental United States. These workshops are held at Member/Owner sites and an NISC subject matter expert team will travel onsite to lead this workshop.

The NISC Community

Got a question? Someone in the NISC Community likely has the answer. Use this online resource to ask questions, get support updates, read posts from NISC experts, and collaborate with NISC employees and other Members/Owners from across the country.

Change Request Portal

NISC’s CR Portal, a web-based portal for viewing submitted change requests, is easy-to-use and accessible through the NISC Community. This portal lists contacts and interactions for your organization that have been logged into iVUE Support, allowing you to track the CR’s progress.

On the Phone

There is something reassuring about talking with another person on a telephone. We are available and ready to help with questions you may have about any NISC product and get you the answers you need when you need them.

Via Email

Being able to communicate directly with a single person to help you through your concerns is important and easy. Sharing information and documentation is important to get your concern resolved, that’s why you can connect with one person to help.