NISC’s Research, Development and Quality team oversees the design, development and delivering of software solutions to meet your needs. Our department works closely with other departments and our Member/Customers in gathering external and internal enhancement suggestions, designing project specifications and training and communicating internal technical procedures, project progress and outcomes. We are able to help you have a more fulfilling experience utilizing the solutions created. To us, quality isn’t a system, method or philosophy but rather is a working model integrated into our research and development daily operations. By adding quality and usability to research and development NISC’s team is able to support continuous improvement and find ways innovative ways to implement new technologies.


Looking to the future is important to stay ahead of new innovations. That’s why at NISC we are committed to learning what is happening outside our industries so we can see if they will impact your day-to-day jobs.


At NISC, it’s our responsibility to provide you with the very best, most forward-thinking way to get your job done through the latest and greatest technologies; therefore we thoroughly research how things may work in the industries we serve.


Researching new technologies leads to developing leading-edge solutions for your organization and your customers. Our team of developers and programmers will diligently work to create a solution that you need.


Leveraging technology to create new software is one thing…creating software that works right out the door is another. Through quality assurance processes, solutions are checked to ensure the work of the developers and programmers is ready for you to use.


While a solution is being researched, developed and checked for quality, it is continually checked for usability. Usability is a process conducted through a volunteer member group who tests the software to ensure it is intuitive for the end user.