The Brian Wolf National IT Learning Center® provides a variety of learning opportunities for you, in a comprehensive, learner-centered environment. Our learning experts have developed unique programs to fit your demanding schedules. Our mission is “to ensure that Members and NISC employees are fully effective in using NISC’s products, services, processes, tools and technologies through the delivery of a comprehensive technical/professional development program.”

Online Learning

NISC offers hundreds of hours of interactive online training, available any time you want it. Watch video demonstrations, download detailed How To documents, and practice your skills in a simulated version of iVUE®. Best of all, it’s free.

The NISC Community

Got a question? The NISC Community likely has the answer. Use this online resource to ask questions, get support updates, read posts from NISC experts, and collaborate with NISC employees and colleagues from around the country.

Weekly WebEx Training

These online courses are designed to meet your needs about specific solutions or enhancements. With sessions spanning the iVUE Enterprise, it’s easy to attend a session that relates directly to your job. Miss a session? Don’t worry. You can always catch the recording.

Regional Workshops

With travel comes cost, that’s why NISC developed various workshops held in multiple locations throughout the continental United States. These workshops are held at Member/Owner sites and an NISC subject matter expert team will travel onsite to lead this workshop.

CEO Solutions Synopsis

This quarterly webinar series is presented by NISC executives for the executives of our Member and Customer organizations. NISC’s executive team provides updates on NISC along with details of new and future product releases.

Member Information Conference

This annual learning event in St. Louis, Mo features more than 100 classes led by NISC subject matter experts and fellow NISC Member/Customers. This event will bring you to speed on where NISC is today and provide insight into tomorrow.

Onsite Learning Centers

Our Missouri and North Dakota offices boast excellent onsite training facilities. On an as-needed basis, instructor-led training is conducted in these facilities containing classrooms with state-of-the-art computers, audio/video systems, and amenities for the attendees. And of course, NISC subject matter experts provide the instruction.