National Information Solutions Cooperative Recognizes Employee Service Ranging from Five to Forty Years

Throughout the month of January, National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC) held a banquet near each of their four campus locations to recognize employees who reached an annual milestone with the organization. These milestones celebrated at the banquets range from five to forty years of service.

NISC Honors Employees Celebrating Anniversary Milestones“It’s not often that a company, especially a technology organization, experiences the dedication and support of so many individuals for such a long period of time, like we have at NISC,” said Kari Reichert, Vice President of People Services. “It’s important to all of us to recognize and show gratitude for all their hard work through the years.”

Here are a few highlights about the NISC experience, courtesy of the employees who achieved a milestone anniversary this year:

“Sixteen years in this industry and I cannot imagine being any happier in my career or personal life. It has only been five years since I made the move to join NISC and I truly can say I have found my home,” said Tracy Hudson, Product Line Manager. “Working for a cooperative has made a world of difference in my views of customer service, gratitude and humility. The culture at NISC offers me a great sense of pride, gratification in knowing that I am surrounded daily by people who care and are truly doing the right thing—always. I have achieved more personal goals and professional growth than I ever imagined possible. I look forward to the future.”

“NISC is the fourth company I have worked for as a professional software engineer and hopefully the last. I am simply amazed and drawn to NISC because of its values, its customers and commitment to its employees,” said Brad Molander, Technology Evangelist. “I have been privileged to have worked with such great people on challenging projects over the last ten years. The great part is—I know the best is yet to come.”

“NISC’s culture is unlike most other IT organizations. NISC’s customer-focused approach provides a unique opportunity to deliver powerful technologies in the hands of everyday people,” said Ted Broadfield, Team Lead Sales Operations. “As an employee of fifteen years, I’ve experienced being a part of an organization that empowers me to transcend titles to provide the very best customer-service experience possible. Our service mentality is focused on researching, developing and delivering quality solutions to improve the lives of people across the world through technology.”

“As I reflect on my twenty years with Quintrex, now NISC, I feel an overwhelming amount of gratitude. In 1994 I was excited to have an opportunity as a receptionist with Quintrex,” said Charity Evers, Team Lead Member Support. “In this role I was blessed to meet my first mentor, an example of professionalism and class I still hope to achieve. I wouldn’t have made it without the relationships I have built with the NISC team and our Members and Customers!”

“When I look back on my years with NISC, it is not so much the telecom industry changes that stand out, but rather the people I have met and made relationships with along the way, “said Cindy Levi, Team Lead Member Support. “I think of the many blessings NISC provided for me and my family, both personally and professionally. My NISC experience allowed me to travel to places I would never have had the opportunity to visit, have lasting friendships with our Members and my co-workers, and give back to my community. I am honored to come to work each day and serve our Members and Customers. Thank you NISC for an amazing 25 years!”

“Thirty-five years, wow! At first thought it seems like it went really fast. But, the longer I ponder on what has happened, it feels a lot longer,” said Ken Olheiser, Team Lead Programming. “The people I have worked with have made the most impact on my run here. Some have come and gone but remain a permanent part of my trip. Thanks to all of you I have had the pleasure of working with and I am looking forward to the next five!”

“Forty plus years—that says it all about the company and the people in it that I have had the privilege to know and work with,” said Linda Bass, Industry Consultant. “People don’t stay at a job this long if they don’t feel challenged and successful at what they do and appreciated for doing it. I sincerely appreciate the opportunities NISC has presented me, both professionally and personally, and I think I will stick around just a while longer to see what is around the bend.”

Every year, NISC employees reach a milestone within the organization, that’s why NISC held an Employee Appreciation Luncheon on all four campuses on Thursday, February 6. “It’s important to thank each employee for the time they contribute to our organization and our Membership,” said Vern Dosch, President and CEO. “From a month to forty-plus years of service, each person is an integral member of our family and we should never take them for granted. These banquets and lunches are a small thank you for all they have given to us and our Membership. We are grateful for their contributions and sacrifices they’ve made to make NISC the successful organization it is today.”