Saint Louis, Mo., Sept. 11, 2018 — At the annual Member Information Conference this week in St. Louis, Mo., National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC) announced a new, modernized design with enhanced features for its iVUE Mosaic solution, a cloud-based tool helping organizations better leverage data and identify trends to make more informed business decisions.

Along with a sleek, new design and improved user navigation, iVUE Mosaic now has over 300 pieces of standardized content available to users, providing a baseline to work towards their specific organization’s goals. Depending on their needs, users also have the option to build their own content from scratch, with support readily available from NISC staff.

“These new features allow our Members to gain immediate insights into their data by using out of the box content,” said John Weber, NISC product line manager. “In addition, they can also easily customize an existing visualization to meet their unique needs.”

Other new features available to users include improved portal creation tools, expanded iVUE data sources as well as a New Data Source Explorer for navigation.

Egyptian Electric Cooperative, located in Murphysboro, Ill., deployed iVUE Mosaic in February of 2018. The cooperative was looking for a better tool to not only analyze their data, but to present that data in an effective way to the decision makers at Egyptian.

“Before we began using iVUE Mosaic, we gathered information from various NISC modules and developed reports from spreadsheets or Word documents,” said Art Pontow, projects manager for Egyptian Electric. “It was very time-consuming, and the reports didn’t have the flexibility that we were looking for. iVUE Mosaic gave us the ability to get at the data the way we wanted to and present it in a way that was meaningful to management and to the Board.”

In addition to the features available now, iVUE Mosaic users will also soon be able to auto-upload third-party content from the iVUE server. Rather than manually upload data from third-party sources into iVUE Mosaic, users can instruct that data be uploaded automatically on a regular basis, eliminating the hassle of manual uploads. Another feature coming soon is the ability for NISC Members to share their iVUE Mosaic content with each other.

“Allowing our Members to create their own content and share that content with other Members is an exciting new feature for iVUE Mosaic,” Weber said. “NISC has always promoted idea sharing and collaboration between Members, and we’re excited to soon offer this functionality to help them improve efficiencies.”

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