Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value,” said Albert Einstein. To add value to what you do may be the key to success and maybe even happiness. Each person’s value is different; paths may cross for a few brief instances, or when fortunate, it can be for decades.

A career in technology, spanning over four decades is not only considered a success in today’s world, but also a tremendous value. To have that value at NISC is an honor and we are blessed enough to have that experience with Larry Estal. With Larry it’s easy to see how hard work, dedication and values contribute to a long, exciting career. This month, Larry celebrates his 44th year with NISC.

Dating back to the late 1960s Larry has transcended the many ‘traditional’ milestones in the Information Technology arena. His career began before cell phones existed, before computers were on every desk and started eight days after Apollo 11 landed on the moon. To say the least, July 1969 was a good year for technology—the United States landed on the moon and NISC gained a great advocate and leader.

Larry’s dedication can easily be seen from all those who have worked with him—from learning new technologies as they evolve and staying agile through the years. A life-long learner, Larry strives to bring value to each relationship he forms with Members/Customers as well as fellow NISC employees. His dedication is obvious; not only in years, but also in his willingness to help, be accessible to others’ and to do what is right—always.

That’s why in June, NISC’s executive team and Larry’s team came together to thank and honor his hard work through the years. David Bonnett, Vice President of Marketing surprised Larry by presenting him with the 2013 Award for Excellence in Stewardship. “Larry’s dedication and unwavering support brought to NISC’s Membership and fellow teams are an inspiration to each of us,” said Bonnett as he presented the award. “There are not enough words to express our gratitude for Larry and everything he has done for us over the years. Larry has and will always be a part of NISC.”

Larry attributes his longevity with NISC to being a part of a career he believes truly makes a difference in people’s lives. “The opportunity to work in rural America is a very special one and to work at NISC is very special. This is about a good life, great work and being with the best people. It’s not often that you get to work for a company that fosters change, is committed to doing the right things to keep us number one,” said Larry. “With our Members, we get to work with the very best, genuine people.”

“We are truly blessed as an organization to have an individual like Larry committed to NISC for so many years,” said Vern Dosch, CEO and President of NISC. “Larry’s tenure here continues to be an inspiration and we are grateful for all his wisdom and insight.”

As for retirement, it’s on the horizon, but not the immediate future. Larry is as committed to NISC as he was on July 28, 1969. “When you get up every day and know what to expect, working with good people across the country, retirement can’t be any better than that.”