Beyond the Bill: The Power of SmartHub

SmartHub, NISC’s web and mobile application, has been helping broadband and utility customers pay their bills and understand their usage for almost a decade. But the true power of SmartHub goes far beyond the bill. Along with easy-to-understand bill and account management, customers can report service issues and outages through the app or via text message, manage their wifi networks to maximize speed, receive important [...]

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2021 International Women’s Day

“Why are you doing this?” It’s a question that many women pursuing degrees, leadership positions or jobs in typically male-dominated fields hear too often. Though great strides have been made in the quest for women’s equality, there is still work to be done. It’s also a question that some of our female employees, including the women featured in NISC’s 2021 International Women’s Day video, have [...]

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Selecting the Right Solution for FCC Compliance

Time is of the Essence FCC testing began in 2020 for major communications providers who received funding under CAF Phase II.  Providers who’ve received funding under alternative funding mechanisms are required to begin testing in 2021. While testing and reporting for these funding mechanisms must begin in 2021, the FCC will not be applying penalties for providers who can’t meet the strict speed and latency reporting requirements until 2022.   January 1, 2022 will be here before you know it. The time is now for all who [...]

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Cooperatives Recognized in 2020 J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Ratings

2020 showed more than ever how critical reliable energy is. When the pandemic caused fear and worry, and many areas of the country were hit with devastating storms and wildfires, utility cooperatives stepped up as essential service providers to demonstrate their commitment to community. We are proud to congratulate the 18 NISC Members who were named among J.D. Power’s 2020 Electric Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction Study. [...]

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NISC Operations Solution Featured in Academic Journal

NISC’s Distributed Engineering Workstation software (DEW) was featured in a paper in Energies, an open access journal of scientific research, technology development, engineering policy and management covering energy supply, conversion, dispatch and final use. The paper, primarily authored by National Renewable Energy Laboratory personnel and coauthored by NISC Senior Product Line Manager Robert Broadwater, focuses on the benefits of differing technologies in analyzing today’s complex [...]

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EDD Building a Better Grid Through Innovation

Electrical Distribution Design (EDD), an NISC company, has a history of providing analysis tools needed for adapting to the changing electric energy landscape. Continuing that history of innovation, EDD is partnering with the U.S. Department of Energy in a project that will create a cyberattack-resistant, more efficient and more stable U.S. electrical grid powered by renewable energy. Additional project partners in this effort are Florida [...]

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Broadband Marketing Leveraging Subscriber, Device and Service Data

Broadband service demand continues to grow at a rapid pace across the country. There has also been an explosion of WiFi connected devices including mobile devices, smart appliances, voice control, multi-media and gaming platforms, security and more. As service delivery and assurance has become increasingly more complex, there has been a growing need to manage services all the way to the connected devices themselves. There is [...]

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Finding Value Beyond the Price Tag

When exploring options for an Auto Configuration Server (ACS) device and WiFi management solution, it is critical to consider all elements that deliver true value. Weight should be placed on finding a technology solution that supports your vision. But how does one justify the price tag beyond the promised functionality?  Vendor IndependenceThe first and foremost criteria should be to find a solution designed to support any device that implements the Broadband Forum [...]

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Bulldogging Bridger and His Biggest Fan

Emotions will be swirling for Bridger Anderson in the moments before his first run at the 2020 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (NFR). It’s safe to say the same will be true for his mother and biggest fan, NISC Sales Manager Robin Anderson. Bridger, 22, has qualified to compete in steer wrestling (aka bulldogging) at the NFR, which will run from Dec. 3-12 in Arlington, Texas. [...]

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NISC Partners with Diamond Communication Solutions for Enhanced Mobile Election Balloting

Electing board directors is an important process for NISC Members. More importantly, ensuring your customers can vote, and vote safely is critical. Since 2016, NISC Members have been able to provide online balloting through SmartHub via the web, helping to simplify the director election process. Now, this process has become even easier. Through a partnership with Diamond Communication Solutions, an OSG company, NISC Members will [...]

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