Saint Louis, Mo., Sept. 24, 2019 – The tone ranged from wistful reminiscence to excitement for what’s to come at National Information Solution Cooperative’s (NISC) Opening General Session of the 2019 Member Information Conference (MIC) Sept. 23 in St. Louis, Mo.

This year’s MIC, themed “next,” is showcasing what’s next in emerging technologies and how NISC will continue to help Members overcome industry challenges through innovative solutions and superior support.

Vern Dosch, NISC president and CEO, kicked off the annual learning event, NISC’s largest to date. Dosch recapped NISC’s history, and shared what’s next for NISC and the electric utility and telecommunications industries during his keynote presentation.

“NISC has economies of scale like no other vendor in the industry, and that’s really important for us to be able to deliver products to you at a reasonable price,” Dosch said. “But it’s not just about the products we deliver–it’s how we do that. That’s why culture is so important to NISC. It’s about virtue, and it’s about trust.”

Dosch gave a nod to the hundreds of Members who provided input and direction for the cooperative earlier in the day as part of the Member Advisory Committees. He also spoke about the continued rollout of role-based iVUE Connect-Multiservice, which helps Members access the information they need quickly, leading to faster resolutions and more efficient daily operations. iVUE Connect – Service and iVUE Connect – Financials are currently available.

NISC Unveils New Brand
One year after celebrating NISC’s 50th anniversary, Dosch also unveiled an updated brand to lead the cooperative and its Membership into the future.

The new logo was designed by NISC employees, with the cooperative’s history, future and valued relationships in mind. The red and dark gray swooshes pay homage to NISC’s original logo and represent NISC employees and Members, while the smaller, light gray swooshes reflect the unity and partnership that binds them.

“It’s time to have a logo that more accurately reflects the organization that we’ve become,” Dosch said. “The best part of this logo is that it was developed by our employees–people who understand the culture of NISC.”

CEO Succession
Dosch announced his retirement in early September after 17 years of cultivating a culture of servant leadership and a focus on putting Members first as CEO of NISC. At the Opening General Session, he thanked the Membership for the opportunity to serve them and reassured MIC attendees that it was a well-planned transition.

“I love this company. I grew up with this company,” Dosch said. “But I have a family to spend more time with, a crazy bucket list to complete. And NISC is in a position of strength—some would say it’s the most opportune time to leave. We have engaged Members, a dedicated Board of Directors, and a deep bench of employees. This is a time that we thought would be good for a transition. NISC will continue without missing a beat, and that does my heart good.”

Dosch introduced his successor, Dan Wilbanks, NISC COO and vice president of Research, Development & Quality.

“Over the years, I’ve worked closely with Vern, and I see how he deeply cares about Members, employees, and vision for the future. What he’s done for NISC can never be truly put into words,” Wilbanks said. “I’m excited and confident. My confidence has little to do with me. We have a great, talented staff at NISC and a strong partnership with our Members. Our competitors are focused on getting bigger; NISC is focused on getting better.”