Becoming a Member of NISC doesn’t end with software solutions. Our mission is to be the technology partner of choice. To stand out in the industries we serve as a true market leader, and to ensure our Members have a voice in everything we do. It’s a relationship and a partnership.

Together, we go far beyond technology.

This is NISC. This is Membership, amplified.

Annual Member Information Conference:
At our premier learning event, Members have the opportunity to network and attend nearly 200 unique sessions on NISC solutions as well as motivational and thought-provoking general sessions. An event unlike any other, the MIC brings Members together from around the world to learn the latest in NISC solutions.
Member Advisory Committees:
Our Members influence the direction of our solutions. Through Member Advisory Committees, Members advise us on what they need when it comes to software functionality or processes and share their thoughts and feedback with NISC employees.
Online Community:
It’s more than a website, it’s a mechanism for NISC and our Members to communicate, and for Members to communicate with other Members. Featuring pages for each of our solutions, countless blogs, educational videos, message boards and the latest in NISC’s product releases, the NISC Community is an invaluable communication tool giving our Members a way to stay in constant contact with NISC and their peers.
Dedicated Account Managers:
We believe in the power of Member relationships so strongly that we have an entire division devoted to Member engagement. Through this team, our Members are prioritized, engaged and have a dedicated NISC representative available to them at any time.
Enhanced, Award-Winning Support:
Our employees are cooperative people just like our Members. We strive to provide top-notch support no matter the day or time. And our commitment shows as we are recognized by Help Desk International (HDI) as one of the CSAT Elite Top 50, a ranking of technical service and support centers worldwide based on customer satisfaction scores.
Enterprise Solutions:
Through our enterprise-wide solution suite, iVUE®, we arm our Members with a fully integrated software platform for all departments and professionals at our Member sites, eliminating the need for third-party vendors and the hassle of integration.
Training & Education:
Our commitment to education is second to none. In addition to the MIC, we provide onsite training opportunities through the Brian Wolf National IT Learning Center, online training through Pathways and more than 35 Member workshops each year – specifically brought to our Members’ sites.
Solutions Developed In-House:
Our U.S.-based employees code and create our solutions in-house, rather than outsourcing work. Likewise, our Members receive world-class support from dedicated support staff located at each of our four offices and virtually across the United States.
Commitment to Shared Values:
We live by the mantra, “Do the right thing, always.” This starts with our leadership and cascades to every level of NISC’s team. Members are prioritized, and employees are empowered to make decisions to benefit our Members. Through our Shared Values, a culture of service is rooted in our organization, which provides an intangible difference that sets us apart from the competition.

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