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Marketing Services

Become the marketing problem solver for your organization

Keeping up with the world of marketing can be overwhelming. A multitude of marketing channels. New platforms. New trends. New market growth challenges…And all with limited staff. Having a partner who understands your organization and your objectives can help you achieve your marketing goals efficiently and cost effectively.

Marketing Services will help create campaigns to help you fully utilize your NISC marketing tools through the following services:

  • Educating: Learn the core marketing concepts behind your NISC marketing tools.
  • Consulting: Working together to create marketing campaigns that meet your goals.
  • Strategic Planning: A plan to keep your team organized and on track for a successful campaign.
  • Targeted Content Creation: Tailored campaign content that engages your audience.
  • Dynamic Campaign Reporting: Measuring and adjusting the campaigns towards success.

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If you struggle with any of the items below, the NISC Marketing Services Team is ready to partner with you.

  • Need more time?

    Need more time?

    Do you wish you had more time to learn about marketing to create the campaigns you need?
  • Low audience engagement?

    Low audience engagement?

    Do you wish to create more community awareness and engagement with your brand?
  • Lack of content ideas?

    Lack of content ideas?

    Do you struggle to come up with new ideas for marketing campaigns that deliver a better end-user experience?
  • Low adoption rate?

    Low adoption rate?

    Do you wish your end-users would take advantage of tools, such as SmartHub, that your organization offers?
  • Don't understand software?

    Don't understand software?

    Do you need better resources to help you and your staff understand the core concepts behind your NISC marketing software?
  • No marketing plan?

    No marketing plan?

    Do you want a marketing plan that saves you time while building campaigns that increase end-user engagement?

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