iVUE Connect

NISC’s iVUE Enterprise System is a powerful tool, but the way it’s utilized can increase that power exponentially. With iVUE Connect®, you’ll be able to take iVUE to the next level. Designed to work the way you work, iVUE Connect’s role-based setup helps you access the information you need quickly, leading to faster resolutions and more efficient daily operations. An additive to NISC’s iVUE Enterprise System, iVUE Connect is module-based, allowing you to add functionality for different personas within your organization quickly and easily. iVUE Connect – Service for customer service and iVUE Connect – Financials are available now. Check below for more information.

iVUE Connect | Financials

Enhanced customer service, anytime, anywhere.

iVUE Connect | Service

Enhanced accounting, payroll and HR on the web or mobile device.

iVUE Connect | Operations

More information coming soon!

iVUE Connect | Marketing

Enhance marketing campaigns, increase sales leads and boost ROI.