It’s early December and I am sitting in my office—it’s a nice 57 degrees outside, however, this time tomorrow it will be below freezing. With this drop in temperature most of the country is getting ready for some type of precipitation, whether snow, rain or somewhere in-between.

Now is a good time to review your Outage Settings and verify you have your Winter Storm Settings ready to go. As you know, getting hit with freezing rain and sleet can be a real mess and having your system configured to handle the outages created in this type of event versus a summer thunderstorm can make a big difference.

Check out these four links on the NISC Community to set your OMS storm settings and learn about some new features as well:

  1. Communicating Outage Information and Status (iVUE 27 only)
  2. The First Big Outage Event of the Summer
  3. Tips for Managing Major OMS Events
  4. Tips for Managing Major OMS Events – Part 2 of 2

Stay safe and warm out there and as always if you need any support or assistance, our team is just a phone call away.

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