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SmartHub Order Management Streamlined for an Enhanced Signup Solution

SmartHub Order Management (SHOM) puts the power of account management at your customers’ fingertips. SHOM just got more powerful and easier to use with the newly released streamlined version of the solution that includes scheduler integration.

SHOM provides customers a self-service option for adding, upgrading or canceling service on the web or through the SmartHub app on their mobile device. For new customers, SHOM provides an easy way to browse, select and sign up for desired services like broadband internet, phone or TV.

The new, enhanced version of SHOM enhances the signup process through simplification.

“We were getting feedback that our Members needed faster customer acquisition,” said Amber Wesche, NISC Product Manager. “Customers wanted minimal clicks to be able to request service. We’re excited to offer a more click-efficient signup for new customers.”

If the signup process is too complex, customers won’t stick around to complete it. SHOM provided an easy way for customers to navigate signing up, but the enhanced process streamlines signup even further to boost customer retention. Customers just have to complete a few simple steps to select the service or services they need.

“Many times, the signup process is your introduction to a customer,” Wesche said. “If the signup process is too complex, or takes too long, it can give customers a negative impression of your business. SHOM’s new streamlined signup process make sure customers can make selections quickly and easily and complete the process feeling good about working with you.”

SmartHub Order Management has been a great self-service tool for broadband customers. With these enhancements, it’s a more efficient tool for both the customers and NISC’s Membership.

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