NISC’s iVUE Enterprise System provides IT support to telecommunications and utility organizations nationwide. These solutions help our Members with their daily tasks – from accounting, to billing and payments to operations and line work.


When NISC launched SmartHub in 2012, it was the first time our solutions went beyond the traditional e-bill solution and directly into the hands of telecom and utility customers. These end-users now had a powerful tool that could help them interact with their provider with bill pay, service interruption reporting or other essential features right from their mobile phone or tablet.


“SmartHub was our first venture into the app business,” said David Bonnett, vice president of Product Management for NISC. “We were able to put some of the most important self-service features into the hands of end-users, allowing them to really take control of their telecom or utility accounts.”


The SmartHub app not only allowed end-users to pay their bill with ease, but also enabled communication features that encouraged more engagement with their provider. Telecom and utility customers could get the latest news about their utility or telecom provider, find out about service interruptions or even follow social media accounts.


SmartHub has been a great tool for NISC Members, but as technology has progressed and smart devices and apps have become essential tools for everyday life, the time had come for the mobile app to get a refresh.


Starting the week of October 28, SmartHub users will begin to see an update to the app available in their preferred app store. This update will provide a new, fresh look for SmartHub that will feature enhanced navigation that’s more consistent with the apps you use every day.


“The features in SmartHub are really essential for telecom and utility customers, but we knew it was time to bring SmartHub’s look up to date with current native apps,” said Amber Wesche, SmartHub product manager for NISC. “We really focused on enhancing the navigation and providing essential information for users right up front.”


SmartHub’s new user interface starts with an enhanced navigation. Instead of the gadgets that SmartHub has relied on since launch, the home screen has been replaced with a cleaner look that features the most important items customers will need. Right from the home screen, end-users will have the ability to make a payment and report an issue. Utility customers will have the ability to view their usage as well.


“We really want SmartHub to be not only simple to use, but intuitive,” Wesche said. “The ability to make a payment and view usage is important to customers, so we wanted that right up front. We’ve also added a bottom navigation so users can get to any of the features they need with just a tap.”


In addition, end-users will also notice more consistency between the new SmartHub app and its web counterpart to provide a seamless and simple experience, regardless of platform. NISC’s Usability Team worked with SmartHub users to really focus on which features were the most important and provide the best possible experience when interacting through SmartHub.


Keep an eye on your favorite app store starting the week of Oct. 28 and get ready for a new SmartHub experience.


New Look. New Experience. Same SmartHub.