There is no doubt that access to a high-speed internet connection has become essential infrastructure. Broadband enables the social and economic vitality of rural America, the service areas of so many of our telecom and utility Members.

For the past 50 years, NISC has had the good fortune to operate in each of these industries. As their technology partner, NISC is pleased to help both industries grow and evolve to meet the changing times and end-user expectations. Our many telecom Members have done an excellent job providing telecommunications services, and earlier this year, we partnered with NTCA The Rural Broadband Association to help promote partnerships to continue meeting the broadband needs.

We have also seen an acceleration of our utility Members starting to deploy fiber for smart grid and substation communications. Many have also expanded into broadband services for under-served areas in their service territories. Today we are pleased to be announcing iVUE Connect® Service, with broadband functionality for utilities that are offering broadband services. iVUE Connect Service offers a contemporary interface that provides utilities the ability to utilize a single system to bill for broadband, manage customer requests, and seamlessly provision services in one application.

In November 2017, United Fiber in Savannah, Mo., launched iVUE Connect Service. Before launching this new solution, United’s customer service representatives (CSR) had to provision triple-play services manually. With iVUE Connect Service, that all changed. Click here to learn more.