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NISC Welcomes Data Replication Management to the Cybersecurity Family!

NISC’s solutions leverage operational data to help you run your organization more efficiently and serve your customers more effectively, but what is your organization doing to protect its vital information and sensitive systems from a cyberattack?

You can no longer assume it will not happen to you. The unfortunate reality is that it no longer is a question of if you will be attacked but when as we all face multiple threats daily. The negative consequences of a data breach or other security incident can go beyond monetary losses, impacting your reputation and customers’ trust.

NISC’s Cybersecurity Services can help you protect your organization from attack by training employees, scanning for vulnerabilities, protecting your perimeter and detecting intrusions.

Now Offering Data Replication Management

NISC is a Veeam Cloud Service Provider (VCSP), providing cost-effective and secure data protection options for NISC Members. Data Replication Management maintains an encrypted offsite copy of your data with NISC, providing the added assurance and trust that your data is not stored in an unknown location. Data access and restores can be completed anytime, anywhere via an on-premise Veeam appliance via a secured SSL connection.

Service Features:

  • Secure data protection utilizing 256-bit AES encryption with a 256-bit key length
  • Effective back-up scheduling nightly or multiple times per day to ensure data is current

Value & Benefits:

  • Faster mitigation after a cyberattack to ensure minimal impact on business operations
  • Elimination of a middle man with only one phone call to restore critical network data
  • Enterprise-wide protection when used in conjunction with NISC Disaster Recovery
  • Valuable cost-savings due to greater discounts leveraging economies of scale across the NISC Membership

Learn how NISC’s Cybersecurity Services can help you prevent, detect and resolve threats to your organization’s reputation and bottom line.

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