NISC Vision of Value - National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC)

NISC Vision of Value

At a Time When You Are Getting Less for More, at NISC, the Value is Increasing

While researching enterprise software can be a daunting task, the first step is rather simple. Ask yourself this:

Do I want to work with a vendor or a technology partner?

While some vendors say it is just semantics, Members of NISC will tell you differently.

For more than half a century NISC has been serving both broadband and electric cooperatives across the United States, Canada and the South Pacific. NISC is no flash-in-the-pan organization trying to do what they can to gain a foothold in these unique markets.

NISC is a cooperative, owned by the very Members we serve – and the value goes far beyond the price tag.

When you are looking for enterprise software, keep in mind the overall value of what that agreement entails.

And at NISC, we have a Vision of Value.

Every day, we strive to provide value in all that we do because we understand how important value is to you. Our focus is to solve, support and serve with and for our Members and our employees. Together, we develop solutions for tomorrow’s challenges – today.


Your goals are our mission, and we are here to serve.

We have a steadfast commitment to help you better serve your customers by not only delivering but  continuing to invest in an intuitive enterprise system that streamlines processes, increases your workflow efficiency and connects your workforce from the front office to the field.


You are our partner, not just a customer.

You won’t be treated like a number. Our staff shares the same commitment to you that you promise the communities you serve.

Expect world-class support, robust training and education resources and dedicated account managers to be there for you every step of the way.


We understand your challenges today and partner with you to plan for the future.

Members serve on our Board of Directors, are represented on our Member Advisory Committees and are true partners in the solution development and implementation process. We are committed to work alongside you as we solve your challenges – together.


Do the right thing, always.

Integrity, relationships, innovation, teamwork, empowerment and personal development inspire us daily. But these are far more than just words – for more than 50 years, they have served as the compass rose that guides us from the development of each line of code to each support call.


Culture is the difference between a job and a career.

At NISC, culture isn’t just a buzzword tossed around a boardroom. Innovation, creativity and collaboration are the bedrock of NISC…And you can see it in practice every single day. We take care of our employees, and they take care of our Member-Owners. It’s a simple concept, and it is the reason our technology is implemented in all 50 states, serving millions of energy and broadband customers – reliably.

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