Multi-Channel Messenger Moving to Toll-Free Numbers for Texting - National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC)

Multi-Channel Messenger Moving to Toll-Free Numbers for Texting

Over the past several years, NISC has utilized a short code to send all text messages to our Members’ customers and for internal notifications (768482). Recently, T-Mobile and AT&T started evaluating the use of a short code that is shared between companies and have concluded that they will no longer allow the use of a shared short code.

The use of a shared short code allows NISC’s Members to craft unique messages within NISC’s Multi-Channel Messenger solution. Without this shared short code, NISC needs to transition our Members to another text-messaging option in order to continue providing this functionality.

NISC has moved forward with providing one unique toll-free number per Member to send out text messages through Multi-Channel Messenger. The toll-free numbers have been assigned to each Member organization and are available in Messenger though NISC’s Cloud Portal.

We’ve created some helpful messaging and a graphic that Members can use for a notification through Multi-Channel Messenger or on social media. Members can access these resources on the NISC Community.

If you have questions, please contact your NISC support pod.