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MIC Member Celebration Honors Members’ Community Commitment

We are so grateful for having the opportunity to hold the 2021 Member Information Conference (MIC) in-person this year. It was great to visit with our Members face to face!

The MIC is all about learning and expanding connections with NISC Members, staff and partners. In the past few years, we have had a unique opportunity to also celebrate all that our Members have accomplished.

Our Members are no stranger to challenges and discovering how to overcome them. From navigating COVID, to natural disasters, and many other hurdles, the past 18 months have brought various obstacles, but our Members have graciously adapted and kept moving forward. The Member Celebration is all about celebrating how our Members have persevered and continued to go above and beyond to take care of their members and customers.

This year, we focused on three key areas: COVID response, nature and community. We had three featured Members: Rainier Connect, Poudre Valley REA and SEMO Electric Cooperative, along with numerous spotlight stories.

Rainier Connect partnered with local school districts to provide internet service to any family that needs it in these uncertain times. From there, Students Connect came to life, which is helping 350 families. Watch the video to hear their full story!

Poudre Valley REA rebuilt miles of power lines destroyed by a wildfire. They supported their members during this time by waiving bills for the time being, along with the promise to rebuild their meters. For a better look at their story, watch the video!

SEMO Electric Cooperative started a partnership with a local museum, The National Stars and Stripes Museum. This museum is located in Bloomfield, Mo., where the original Stars and Stripes newspaper was printed during the Civil War. SEMO has provided fiber to the museum so that they can have multiple computers with faster internet. Listen to their full story here!

Thank you to all our Members for everything you do!