What does it mean to serve? This is a question we often ask ourselves when we think about our Members. Skip Prichard once said, “Servant leaders lead with others in mind.”

Our solutions are designed in just that regard. We consider our Members’ daily struggles, their goals and dreams and how we can turn those dreams into reality. Serving others is the purpose behind why we do what we do. It’s what drives us.

A huge aspect of that service is incorporating collaboration and clear communication. We work closely with our Members to ensure we are meeting or exceeding their expectations and delivering a valuable product. What never fails to astonish us however, is how much we learn from our Members. No matter how many ways we look at and teach about our products, there is always someone who sees it from a different perspective. The applications for our products are endless, and no one understands this better than the Members who use them every day.

From this notion, we have learned that oftentimes the students make the best teachers. Our Member-led sessions have become a vital piece of the annual Member Information Conference and a testament to the principle of “Cooperation Amongst Cooperatives.”

That’s why we’re asking you to share your story at the 2017 MIC. Whether an innovative use of our iVUE solutions or advice on implementation, we want to learn from you. The presentation does not need to be submitted in its entirety; just the topic and a brief description for now.

We encourage you to submit presentations regarding any subject. Here are a few examples from last year that were a big success:

  • Get Smart with SmartHub – Norvado
  • Broadband Measured Service – Emery Telcom
  • Prepaid Metering: The Road to Empowerment – Co-Mo Electric Cooperative
  • Improving Customer Service with iVUE – People’s Electric Cooperative
  • LeadAgent with Real-Time Integration to iVUE – Adams Telephone
  • To Roll or Not to Roll – Peace River Electric Cooperative
  • How Suite It Is! AppSuite Annual Meeting with a Side of Service Orders – South Slope Cooperative Telephone

In addition, presenters have an opportunity to win a MIC Member Experience Award, presented to the highest-rated Member sessions as selected by attendees through the MIC app. Winners will receive a customized award with the presenter’s name and session and a special prize. All presenters will receive $200 off their registration fee and a small gift.

Ideas will be accepted until March 31, so submit your presentation for the 2017 MIC today!

NISC, driven to serve.