We are off to another great year for our E&O Workshops and I’m excited we are heading to South Carolina first! Our first one is just around the corner at Coastal Electric in Walterboro, South Carolina. Kick up your E&O knowledge a notch, go to Pathways in your NISC Community and register for the “E&O Workshop – FEB 2016 – South Carolina” session.

We will review Work Management and see how AppSuite, Task Management, Mobile WorkForce and SmartTrack will improve your mobility and production.

With NISC MapWise we will advance your knowledge of connectivity in GIS and how that provides a working engineering model for your NISC Outage system (OMS). We will learn how creating efficient MXD’s and TPK’s helps your business be more efficient with mobility. Learn how to create forms and utilize inspections in MapWise.

Finally, we will learn how MapWise and your GIS improves your OMS. See how the graphical OMS makes your storms more manageable. We will review setting up switching scenarios; you will see the benefits of saving them so they are ready when you need them. Bring your OMS to the next level with better communication with crews working the outages in the field and your customers.

Last year the Workshops were a great experience. My hope is that this year’s E&O Workshops are as successful as last year. Each Workshop group really focused on collaborating and sharing knowledge together of how our Members have successfully implemented our E&O products. It is also interesting and educating for us, your NISC E&O team. We get to learn and get ideas on how to help you more efficiently. We look forward to seeing you at an E&O Workshop near you in 2016.