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Don’t Leave Your Customers in the Dark

Be Prepared and Keep Customers Aware of Load Events with NISC’s Load Event Survival Kit

It was frigid. Demand on the region’s already-strained electric system had reached critical levels, and Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) needed to take action.

In December 2022, TVA was forced to issue a mandatory electric load reduction by its members due to the critical demand on the electric system. The curtailment impacted all 153 local power companies of TVA, resulting in rolling blackouts across the entire Tennessee Valley. The customers and communities who relied on their local utilities for essential services needed to be notified of any load events to ensure their preparedness and safety.

Communicating with and educating your customers can prevent them from being left in the dark. How can you ensure your communication is timely, being received and invokes customer action to reduce your load? With NISC’s Load Event Survival Kit. Planning and preparedness are critical during a load event, and NISC’s Load Event Survival Kit can help educate customers and communities by ensuring customer engagement tools are ready for utilization.

Innovation is a primary focus at NISC, and strong relationships with Members are critical to that process. NISC is committed to partnering with its Members to solve their challenges of today, and continue innovating to proactively address challenges on the horizon.

Among those challenges is assisting electric utilities with the education of their customers on the importance of conserving electricity, and effectively and efficiently communicating with them. Customers want their local power company to be a resource and a partner, rather than just someone they pay every month.

Contact Monica McGeorge for more information on NISC’s Load Event Survival Kit at, and learn more about obtaining or utilizing the tools you need to ensure your customers and communities are directly notified of any adjustments in their service due to critical system loads.