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Boost SmartHub Adoption with the Newly Redesigned NISC SmartHub Marketing Kit

Two years ago, NISC launched the SmartHub Marketing kit featuring bill inserts, social media materials, posters, banners and videos as a way to assist Members to increase adoption of the web and mobile app.

Today, we have heard your requests – And officially launch the newly redesigned SmartHub Marketing kit!

This new kit builds off the strategy of the first iteration but is built to better suit your individual needs and better target your core audience to help you showcase the true benefits of SmartHub.

The greatest evolution of this kit gives Members 100 percent control over all the content to customize images, logos, colors and text. Before there were certain limitations to each file, but today, you can now customize fully – including the new option to create templates in secondary languages to match the dialects of your region.

The newest features to the kit are aplenty. Most notable is the addition of fully customizable video templates with the option to create additional templates on your own. The kit also now includes a sample wireframe webpage to help you and your web developer enhance your online presence. Lastly, for those who are new to editing, NISC created video tutorials to show the basics of editing both the design and video templates.

You now have the power to brand this kit to make it truly yours – all while you provide a better customer experience and increase engagement with your customers.

Download the new kit today!
*NISC Community account required for access