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Beyond the Bill: The Power of SmartHub

SmartHub, NISC’s web and mobile application, has been helping broadband and utility customers pay their bills and understand their usage for almost a decade. But the true power of SmartHub goes far beyond the bill.

Along with easy-to-understand bill and account management, customers can report service issues and outages through the app or via text message, manage their wifi networks to maximize speed, receive important info in their preferred communications channel and receive important updates all from a single app.

NISC Members not only have the same account information, communication and network management tools but can also leverage SmartHub to gauge interest in new services, increase program enrollment and collect votes electronically for annual meetings, all in the same app or on the web.

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The Power of SmartHub

Wifi and Network Management
You can effectively resolve broadband service interruptions, or even correct them before the customers become aware of an issue, by managing the internet gateway and the devices behind it connecting to your broadband service. The critical component is that your customers can leverage the same tools and resolve issues on their own right through SmartHub.

Enhanced Account Management and Issue Reporting
With SmartHub, your customers can pay their bills, view their usage and manage their account right in the mobile app or on the web. Customers can report service issues quickly and easily through the app or via text message.

Multi-Channel Messaging
Each of your customers is different, and SmartHub has a communication channel to fit their preferences. Whether it’s text, push notification, printed letter, email or phone, your customers can set their preferences and you can be sure your messages are received. 

New Service and Program

Leverage SmartHub Crowdsourcing to gauge interest in new service or programs. Once you’re ready to build out, your customers can request and sign up for service online and manage services 24/7.

Electronic Balloting
Enhance your Board of Directors election with electronic voting through SmartHub. Members can vote on the web or in the mobile app anywhere, anytime helping you increase participation and enhance your elections.

Customized-Branded App
The custom-branded SmartHub app provides you the option to have an app branded with your name, company logo and listed individually in the mobile app stores. The same power of SmartHub is available, combined with your organization’s brand.

FREE SmartHub Marketing Kit
Every NISC Member has access to the free SmartHub Marketing Kit, available on the NISC Community. The SmartHub Marketing Kit contains customizable resources like bill inserts, social media graphics, flyers and more that you can use to spread the word about SmartHub.

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For more information, visit or contact NISC at 866.999.6472.