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Automate and Simplify Program Signups with NISC’s Program Management

Do you offer rebates to customers who purchase items from you?

Are you considering offering a program and want to gauge your customers’ interest in it?

Do you host events, such as Annual Meetings, and want to collect RSVPs?

Do you have a Contact Us form on your website and want a better way to manage following up?

When introducing a new program, or simply trying to boost interest in an existing one, a critical step in the process is when the customer takes the action to sign up. While this process can be simple for the customer, it can often be complex and challenging to get the information to the right place or act on the data that you’ve received.

NISC’s new Program Management functionality, part of NISC’s Marketing solution, can help make both collection and organization of data simple by introducing some backend automation to help get the information where you need it.

This functionality integrates with the NISC’s enterprise solutions to get that information to the right place, reducing manual steps and ensuring data accuracy. You can define your program and collect the necessary information to build a workflow for that program’s specific purpose, allowing you to easily query that data for future campaigns.

Many NISC Members offer a program that features a rebate for the purchase of a new device. This process often starts with a customer finding and completing a PDF form housed on your website. They then have to return that form to you via mail, scan and email, or submit it in-person, which then requires a manual input of that data into the system.

Program Management allows customers to submit their information through your website, a link in SmartHub or in an email. Once the digital form has been completed, a workflow that is customized to that program can automatically create a rebate check for that customer or provide a credit to their account through integration with NISC’s enterprise solutions.

The signup process is only one part of the customer journey, but NISC’s Marketing Solution can help you take the customer down the entire path. From an awareness campaign, to lead tracking and management to a simple signup, NISC Marketing can make the program lifecycle simple.

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