At NISC, we are committed to continually evolve with the ever-changing technology industry while meeting the demands of our Members/Customers; therefore, we continually update and refine our identity and brand promise.

Our core identity as an organization remains the same. We are the trusted IT cooperative with over 45 years of experience, using our Statement of Shared Values and 7 Cooperative Principles as our foundation for serving you.

The total integration of our identity, behavior and values allows us to uphold the essential promise of our brand: creating partnerships based upon trust, reiterating our commitment to service excellence, providing continuous support as well as opportunities for professional learning. This promise is expressed in the design, imagery and language we use to represent NISC.

Basic branding guidelines and resources are posted to ensure you are equipped with the proper information to create and maintain consistent communications that represent the NISC brand and our respective trademarks. It is imperative that any organization using the NISC brand materials (with approval) contact us at

To use the NISC trademarked logo:
If you would like to use the NISC logo, please abide by the following guidelines. By downloading the logo files, you agree to use them with the following terms:

Minimum Size

To maintain their integrity and maximize their impact, the NISC logo, please do not use the logo smaller than 1/2 inch.
You can also call or email for assistance on appropriate size and placement of the NISC logo in your publications — or to discuss minimum size standard exceptions.

Clear Space

A “clear space” equal to the height of the capital “N” in the NISC logo must be maintained on all four sides of the logo when placed in printed publications or other materials.

No graphic elements — including typography, patterns, illustrations, or photographs — should appear within this space.
This space allows the registered trademark NISC logo to stand alone for better recognition and protects it from trademark infringement, blending with text, headlines or other images.

Logo Application Tips

  • Do not modify, create new art or text other than the downloaded file.
  • Do not reproduce any element at smaller sizes than the approved minimum size without approval.
  • Do not change the colors within the logo. If you need another color, please contact us.
  • Do not add colors to white “reversed-out” artwork.
  • Do not distort, modify or add dimension to the logos.
  • The logo is only approved to be used on a plain, preferably white background.