Every one of your customers is different. Today’s customers require more flexibility in the way they choose to pay, which increases the need for a host of secure payment solutions exponentially. Whether they auto pay, make a direct payment from their smart phone or tablet device, pay by credit card on the Web or even pay in person, NISC’s suite of payment solutions has you and your customers covered. Give your customers the flexibility to pay the way that’s most comfortable to them and make processing payments simple for your staff. With NISC’s Payment Gateway, you’ll be able to ensure that your customers’ transactions are taking place in a secure environment, no matter which way they decide to pay. Give your customers the flexibility they need while keeping your transactions secure and your processing simple and efficient with NISC’s payment solutions.

NISC Payment Gateway

Provides comprehensive electronic payment reporting for balancing deposits, includes a browser-based Virtual Terminal for authorizing payments not associated with a customer record and stores credit card data to reduce PCI scope and security risks.

SmartHub Web and Mobile

Click to Learn MoreProvides convenient account access to your customers via Android and iOS smartphones and tablets as well as through the Web. Customers can check account balances, pay their bill and sign up for automatic, recurring payments, notify of service issues, check usage and receive special messages from you.

CallCapture Secure Payments

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) pay-by-phone system hosted within the NISC Payment Gateway allows your customers to check account balances, pay their bill and sign up for automatic, recurring payments by phone 24 hours a day.

Electronic Funds Transfer

Reduce payment processing time, ensure timely receipt of payments and increase cash flow and profitability with NISC’s EFT solution. This solution allows your customers to establish recurring monthly payments directly from a designated checking account, savings account or debit/credit card.

Payment Kiosks

NISC has partnered with U.S. Payments to provide payment kiosk solutions for any customer who needs 24/7 access to make cash, electronic check or credit card payments at convenient locations. U.S. Payment kiosks provide a PCI-compliant solution right out of the box and utilize a real-time interface with iVUE for their indoor, outdoor and tabletop models.

Cash Register System

With iVUE® Cash Register you can efficiently administer, track and report activity for multiple deposit groups made up of one or more cash drawers. Cash Register provides individual cash drawer controls and balancing (per user), customized payment activities and modes of payment.

Online Banking Interface (OBI)

OBI will help you save time by automating your payment processing. Rather than receiving a large stack of paper checks from bank payments, OBI will help automate payments from nearly all bank online bill payment services as well as Fiserv’s CheckFree website.

ProfitStars RemitPlus

Improve cash flow and reduce manual payment processes with this comprehensive electronic check posting and conversion solution available through a partnership with ProfitStars®.