Using NISC’s Asset Management product, you can easily track the activity and complete inventory of your utility organization’s physical and general plant assets. Tightly integrated with the Work Order, Fleet Management and Accounts Payable modules, all additions and retirements are seamlessly updated and tracked historically with the same functionality as transactions that are self-contained within Asset Management.

Asset Management

Asset Management tracks both physical plant and general plant assets that can be grouped and reported by business entity, asset group or department. Assets can be tracked by average or vintage costing methods with multiple options for depreciation of the assets.

Fleet Management

With Fleet Management you can track and distribute all costs of maintaining and operating your fleet and at the same time track all of the service events and scheduled maintenance of each fleet asset throughout the organization.

Work Order

Work Order accounting system provides fully automated divisionalized accounting entries, as well as subsidiary detail for construction, retirement, expense tracking, staking integration and a seamless closing process that fully integrates to Asset Management and General Ledger.

Document Vault

Create digital replicas of all assets, service requests and loan applications, then index, archive, retrieve, and send the images electronically as needed through this integrated solution with the iVUE® Enterprise.