SmartHub Order Management

You empowered your customers with the NISC SmartHub® solution and realized the value of mobile and Web apps. Now take it a step further and place the power of true account management in your customers’ hands.

With SmartHub Order Management, your customers have the power to manage existing services as well as add and upgrade packages 24/7. Your new customers will have the ability to not only shop and compare traditional services, wireless plans and devices, but also sign up and purchase on the spot while providing all information necessary to establish the new customer. This SmartHub-based solution uses your existing website to market services based on service location and fully customizable business rules that accommodate hundreds of bundling configurations. The shopping cart functionality will allow your customers to see their price change in real time as they add and upgrade services thus reducing the confusion account adjustments can cause. Let your website do the work and redirect your customer service representatives’ time to more critical tasks.

Customer Empowerment

Empower customers with 24/7 account management capabilities. Improve their experience by allowing your customers to change their service levels without having to change their bundle. Streamline the new service process by allowing customers to digitally accept terms and agreements as well as request appointments online.

New Customer Sign Up

Allow your new customers to shop, compare and select all service offerings and devices online. Placing the power in the hands of the new customer to research and configure their plans online will bring increased efficiency to your telecom with reduction in call center volume and free up CSRs’ time by automatically creating service orders as well as customer and account records.

Location Management

Ensure your customers can only view offerings available to them based on their service location. When your customers are researching new options or looking to upgrade existing services, eliminate customer confusion and frustration and rest assured the service options they are presented is accurate.

Bundles and Rules

Dynamically create bundle descriptions based on selected service level and vary the price based on contract terms. Define and audit your specific tiers of programming based on business rules to maintain consistency across your organization.