Full service order functionality is a necessity for every telecom. From the initial customer contact to the completion of a new service, you can use NISC’s Customer Care & Billing (CC&B) solution to efficiently track progress, costs, responsibilities, dates and other key information. Remove the worry that something will be missed along the way with fully integrated, optimized management tools. The flexible and configurable business rules and bundling options will ensure your service order process is consistent and efficient from start to finish.

Service Requests

Track progress, costs responsibilities, dates and other key information from the creation of the service order to the transition to billing. Ensure customer satisfaction by knowing a request for service is being addressed in a timely and efficient manner.

Auto Provisioning

Make the addition of services painless for your staff and your customers with automatic provisioning. Turn up or turn down services with the simple creation of a service order…and free your CSRs’ time for more critical tasks.

Service Point Validation

Reduce the need for truck rolls, and subsequent expenses, by determining service offerings by location. Upsell new services to those who are eligible and reduce the risk of customers being sold a service that isn’t available to them.

Business Rules

Streamline your telecom functions and simplify your CSRs’ tasks with customizable business rules. Define and audit your specific tiers of programming based on these parameters and iVUE will do the rest.

Configurable Bundles

Eliminate confusion and save CSR time by creating super bundles to simplify the entire ordering process. Increase customer satisfaction by establishing choice groups to allow customers to change their service level without having to change their bundle.

Bill Estimate

Allow your CSRs the ability to quickly review the customer’s projected costs to help avoid bill shock and explain the differences in bundles. Eliminate customer confusion and clearly communicate the costs associated with their selections.

Asset Management

Maintain full control of your assets with this valuable tool. Track costs and revenue to help you better understand your finances and plan for future expenditures.

Work Management

Click to Learn MoreTransform your data into a powerful business-building tool. Follow the progress of an assigned task from start to finish and use the information to help better manage your staff and better serve your customers.

iVUE® AppSuite

Click to Learn MoreiVUE® AppSuite provides convenient access to important customer data and integrated communications tools from a single, smart device. Be able to watch and manage account information from where ever you are, as needed, to make better decisions for your customers.