Managing your cash flow and delinquent accounts are imperative to your telecom’s success. NISC’s Customer Care & Billing (CC&B) solution will help you better track your delinquent accounts, and the configurable rules will help you adjust customer accounts so their services stay on while they catch up on their past due balances. With new customers, streamline the new account process with quick credit scoring so you can determine the deposit and start turning services up immediately…And ensure they have every opportunity to stay current with their bills by offering a plethora of secure payment options.

Configurable Rules

Take control of your payment rules. Waive delinquent notices and adjust penalty fees to allow for special arrangements to best serve your customers.

Delinquent Monitoring

Monitor credit history and payment arrangements to keep your customers services turned on and keep their accounts up to date.

Mass Disconnect and Reconnect

Easily process late and final notices to customers who haven’t paid their bill or arranged for a special payment plan. Automate the process so when payments are posted, those customers are removed from the list or quickly reconnected. If payment isn’t received, simply run a mass disconnect and free up your CSRs’ time.

Deposit Management

Determine what deposits the customers may need to pay for services and grant the ability to setup automatic bank and credit card withdrawals to reduce late fees and disconnection.

Credit Scoring

Integrate seamlessly with credit reporting services to retrieve customers’ credit scores. Streamline the process and quickly determine the deposit amount necessary.

Payment Integration

Give your customers the flexibility to pay the way that’s most convenient to them and make payment processing simple for your staff.

Allocation Rules

Ensure bad debt is considered before an allocation. Pay off bad debt at capital credit allocation time if there is a balance to be paid.\