With the NISC User Services System, operating your broadband service offerings at peak efficiency and providing true customer care and support of the Internet of Things (IoT) is now a reality. This Auto Configuration Server (ACS) management solution is a powerful, vendor-agnostic, cloud-based tool built to truly enhance your customers’ internet experience and streamline support. With the NISC User Services System, your organization can effectively resolve broadband service interruptions, or even correct them before the customers become aware of an issue, by managing the network and devices behind the internet gateway. The critical component to this solution is your customers’ ability to leverage those same tools – View their broadband usage, manage devices and receive alerts – To help them better understand the services you provide and how their very use impacts the broadband service. Not only are customers better informed of their network and how their broadband usage and connected devices affect their internet experience, they will have the ability to control and manage their WiFi and devices.

Core ACS Management

Remotely and securely push firmware updates and administer changes to the customer’s network to resolve current issues and proactively prevent others. Resolve service interruptions quickly and effectively with the intuitive support dashboard, displaying current and historical usage, connected devices, WiFi interference and performance alerts.

Customer Self-Care Functionality

Empower customers to manage devices, view performance alerts, set parental controls and administer changes to their home network all from the convenient SmartHub WiFi app.

Powerful Reporting Tools

Support the requirements for Connect America Fund Phase II (CAF-II) reporting that broadband operators can use to satisfy reporting or Alternative Connect America Fund reporting requirements to the FCC.

Increase Efficiency and Revenue

Realize a reduction in operational costs with fewer support calls and more efficient truck rolls. Embrace the opportunity for additional revenue with the device and WiFi management service offering as well as possible equipment upselling such as extenders and other core equipment upgrades.