Broadband connectivity has become a critical component of each and every community across the nation. It’s an essential tool, not just for web access, but for a host of crucial industries from education to healthcare. Providing reliable and efficient broadband service is core for many of our Members, but having effective solutions to back up and enhance your service is just as important. One of those solutions is the NISC User Services System (USS), a powerful, hardware-independent, cloud-based tool, to help enhance your customers’ internet experience while reducing costs. Check out some of the ways USS can increase your broadband efficiency and customer satisfaction!

Educate and Empower Customers
Creating a smart home is no longer a vision just for the early-adopting techies in your service area. Many households are adding technology from smart TVs to thermostats to multiple cameras to build a connected home. However, as consumers continue to plug in gadgets and more frequently stream online, the service package they initially subscribed to may no longer fit their needs. Now more than ever, it is key to educate your customers on their usage – and the devices they have affecting it. With the NISC User Services System, you can provide customers the tools necessary to view usage, resolve connectivity issues, set alerts and manage all devices they have connected to their WiFi at any given time. An educated customer is an empowered customer, so place the power of WiFi management in their hands and increase satisfaction through offering self-care options.

Troubleshoot Without Truck Rolls
The NISC User Services System can also help your organization resolve broadband service interruptions, or even correct them before customers become aware of an issue, by managing the internet gateway and the devices behind it connecting to your broadband service. The critical component to this solution is the ability for your organization to offer efficient and effective customer care by remotely pushing firmware updates, administering network changes and diagnosing system issues. USS works with many brands and models of modems and residential gateways, allowing you to offer your customers the latest and greatest manageable devices.

Be Prepared for CAF-II Monitoring and Reporting
The NISC User Services System has powerful reporting tools included in the solution that can satisfy the FCC requirements for Connect America Fund Phase II (CAF-II) or Alternative Connect America Fund monitoring and reporting. USS is able to handle the monitoring and reporting process, all while working with many of the internet gateways you already use that support the TR-143 speed test standard and TR-069 standards.

With the NISC User Services System, operating your broadband service offerings at peak efficiency and providing true customer care and support of the Internet of Things (IoT) is now a reality.

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