iVUE Connect – Marketing leverages the power of the NISC Enterprise to help you get the right message to the right audience and increase your ROI, especially when rolling out new service. With iVUE Connect – Marketing, you can identify and target segments of your customers, create and manage campaigns that will resonate with each segment and manage the resulting leads. When introducing a new service, you’ll be able to identify zones in your area and leverage crowdsourcing features to maximize the effectiveness of rolling out that new service.

iVUE Connect – Marketing is part of NISC’s iVUE Connect suite of products. iVUE Connect takes NISC’s legacy platform, iVUE, to the next level with an enhanced user interface that’s available anytime, anywhere through a web browser.

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Campaign Management

Create targeted and innovative campaigns that boost the effectiveness of your marketing by targeting the right messages to the right people in the right channel.

Lead Management

Leverage your data to create a dynamic sales lead database that will help your marketing team grow your customer base.

Market Segmentation

View and leverage demographic information that will help you better target your customers and enhance the effectiveness of your messaging.


Create and view zones that will help you better understand how to increase your ROI when rolling out new services.