With the view of 2015 quickly moving to the rearview mirror, now is the time to review what’s needed to wrap up the year smoothly, that’s why our team put the following countdown together:

Ready, Set … LET’S GO!

  1. Balance and/or reconcile all subsidiaries throughout the year. iVUE® has some nifty reports to assist with this process.
  2. Be sure you are on the latest software for year-end tax reporting. Don’t get stuck with old W-2 and 1099s!
  3. Make sure all payroll adjustments are completed by last paycheck or end of year!
  4. Be prepared for your audit. Gather information early and timely for your auditors. Some information is available only at a "moment in time" and should be retained for audit purposes.
  5. New Year’s Resolution – Resolve to implement new processes and procedures to make your job less stressful in 2016…

If you are an iVUE user…some areas to ponder for making your 2016 more streamlined than your 2015:

  • Automated Credit Card Reconciliation
  • AP Workflow
  • Budget Projects
  • Expense Tracking

Here at NISC our dedicated and professional support experts have been busy providing year-end training to assist you in having a smooth season. All of these are recorded and available for your viewing pleasure and can be found by clicking on this link: Year End Community.  For more iVUE year-end information, be sure to read our blog Year End is Near!

Happy Holidays!