The FCC is requesting that a Special Access Data Collection be completed by rural LECs and CLECs. A number of rural LECs may only be required to complete Section G to certify that the Data Collection request does not apply to them. However, if your LEC provides a Special Access circuit in a price cap area, you will need to complete the Special Access Data Collection request. Because most CLECs are Providers in a price cap area, your CLEC will most likely need to complete the Data Collection request. If you are required to provide information, you will be providing information that was billed for all of 2013. The Data Collection request is due by December 15, 2014.

Below are a number of documents that provide information regarding the Special Access Data Collection. The Data Collection FAQ document has many questions and answers. Hopefully these documents will help determine what is required of your rural LEC or CLEC.

Data Collection FAQ
Data Collection Order on Reconsideration
Data Collection Protective Order
Data Collection Decision Tree
FCC Launches Data Collection Web Portal
Data Collection Instructions

One FAQ asks if there are penalties for not filing. The answer is: “Failure to comply with these data reporting requirements may subject parties to monetary forfeitures of up to $160,000 for each violation or each day of a continuing violation, up to a maximum of $1,575,000 for any single act or failure to act that is a continuing violation.” If you are required to complete the Special Access Data Collection, you will not want to miss the December 15, 2014 deadline.

After some research, NISC has found that some companies bill Special Access through CABs, others bill through Customer Care & Billing and others maintain information through spreadsheets. Because of this, please share this blog with everyone within your company that will need to be involved.

If you are required to complete the billing information areas of the Special Access Data Collection, and you will need assistance from NISC, please contact the appropriate NISC Support Center to request this assistance.

You may want to visit with your consultant regarding this Special Access Data Collection. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Bruce Walth at or 701.667.6682 or Tom Materi at or 701.667.6691.