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Broadband Marketing Leveraging Subscriber, Device and Service Data

Broadband service demand continues to grow at a rapid pace across the country. There has also been an explosion of WiFi connected devices including mobile devices, smart appliances, voice control, multi-media and gaming platforms, security and more. As service delivery and assurance has become increasingly more complex, there has been a growing need to manage services all the way to the connected devices themselves.

There is power in integration. And NISC along with their strategic partners have collaborated to leverage valuable end-user data to enable Members to more effectively market their services with better targeting based on subscriber insights, which in turn increases the average revenue per user.

Multi-channel marketing campaigns have been developed to enable Members to address up-sell opportunities while enabling vastly improved subscriber experience.

  • Managed Device Up-Sell :: Leverages subscriber and inventory data to target subscribers who are deploying non-managed customer premise equipment
  • Managed WiFi Up-Sell :: Leverages subscriber WiFi service entitlement data to target subscribers who are not subscribed to Managed WiFi Services
  • WiFi Mesh Device Up-Sell :: Leverages the connected device signal strength data to target subscribers who have poor WiFi coverage and can benefit from additional WiFi access points to improve their experience
  • Service Tier Up-Sell :: Leverages data from service bandwidth reporting to target subscribers consuming 100% of their bandwidth who could benefit from a higher tier  

NISC delivers solutions that provide the valuable tools you need to operate your broadband service at peak efficiency and provide true customer care and support. Click here to learn more.