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Jasper Schneider

|Jasper Schneider
Jasper Schneider

About Jasper Schneider

Jasper Schneider is a Vice President at National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC) . Schneider brings expertise in technology, law and rural issues to NISC. For six years, Schneider ran a federal agency at both a state and national level, leading USDA’s Rural Utility Service as State Director in North Dakota, and acting Administrator in Washington, DC. Schneider is also a former lawmaker, serving in the North Dakota Legislature. Prior to Schneider’s public service career, Schneider had a law practice and also started a successful technology company covering the computer hardware industry. Schneider also worked at Cisco Systems, prior to obtaining his law degree from Hamline University School of Law, in St. Paul, MN. Schneider and his wife have four children, and make their home in North Dakota.

Managing Your Distribution System with NISC Operations Analytics

You don't use a slide rule anymore. Why would you only look at your distribution system using monthly usage data? With NISC Operations Analytics (OA), learn how to leverage interval readings to better manage your distribution system.

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Analyze, Mobilize, Stabilize – NISC Operations Analytics has your system covered 24-7

Technology and data are touching all aspects of today’s utility. More than ever, engineering professionals are turning to data to make informed decisions that have significant implications for their systems. NISC is excited to launch NISC Operations Analytics (OA), an integrated platform designed for engineers and system operators of electric systems, to help aggregate and analyze data like never before. OA harnesses the granularity of time-series data, enabling users to look beyond peak system analysis to better grasp real system performance. Working in tandem with EDD’s Distributed Engineering Workstation (DEW), NISC’s OA allows users to pool together large quantities of real data in order to make better-informed estimations and energy consumption predictions. Before deploying OA, NISC Member Verendrye Electric Cooperative was using seasonal models to make its estimations. This process often led to transformer loading and line loss issues and inaccurate equipment sizing. Check out the video to learn more about how OA has helped Verendrye provide better service to members, increase cost savings in their operations and better manage their electrical grid. You can also [click here] to read Verendrye’s NISC Operations Analytics Case Study. With the launch of NISC OA, NISC’s platform of engineering and operations solutions continues to grow. “We strive to come up with innovative solutions to make operational tasks more efficient,” says Todd Eisenhauer, NISC vice president of Strategy and Operations Solutions. “Just recently, NISC celebrated 350 live sites for MapWise, 300 live sites for our Outage Management System (OMS) and 500 live sites for AppSuite. We are extremely grateful for this success, and we look forward to continuing to expand our E&O offerings.” To learn more about NISC Operations Analytics, visit

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A Focus on Cybersecurity

The focus of NISC goes beyond just protecting the Member data that is entrusted to us. In the spirit of being a true technology partner, NISC now offers Cybersecurity Services to our Members, leveraging the best practices as well as the best-in-class technology NISC uses internally to help the NISC Membership improve their own internal cyber defenses. NISC’s Vice President of Member & Industry, Jasper Schneider, is joined by Jeff Nelson, NISC Vice President of Information Security & Risk Management, to discuss the importance of securing valuable data from cyberattacks. Click here to view the video

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NISC Celebrates 50 Years of Innovation and Member Service

Lake Saint Louis, Mo., February 28, 2018 — National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC), an IT cooperative serving utilities and telecommunications organizations worldwide, has reached 50 years in business and kicked off a year of celebrations at the 2018 NRECA TechAdvantage Conference in Nashville, Tenn., and the 2018 RTIME Conference in Austin, Texas. "A 50-year technology cooperative is really something rare," said Vern Dosch, NISC President & CEO. "We wouldn't be here without the support of our Members and the dedication of our employees, and I'm very grateful to everyone for helping us hit such a tremendous milestone." NISC was the product of a merger between Central Area Data Processing (CADP) in Missouri and North Central Data Cooperative (NCDC) in North Dakota in 2000. The two technology cooperatives have been providing IT services to utility and telecommunications companies since the late 1960s, many of which are still Members today. At TechAdvantage and RTIME, NISC recognized 29 utility and telecom Members that have been with the organization for 50 years. Today, NISC serves more than 860 independent telephone companies, electric cooperatives and other public power entities. "It's so exciting to see the dream of one NISC realized," Dosch said. "We are not done. I can't wait to see what the next 50 years bring to NISC, because it’s going to be exciting, innovative and absolutely driven by our Membership." As part of NISC's 50th anniversary celebration, the company launched a charitable component called Giving 50@50. The organization raised $50,000 – half of which came from NISC employees. During the NISC Annual Meeting at TechAdvantage, NRECA CEO Jim Matheson and NRECA International Senior Vice President Dan Waddle joined Dosch on stage to accept a $25,000 donation to NRECA [...]

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Can Big Data Lead to Smart Engagement?

Can big data lead to smarter customer engagement? That’s the question pondered by Jasper Schneider, NISC’s Vice President of Member & Industry, during a panel at Touchstone Energy’s 2018 New and Emerging Technologies (NET) Conference. Schneider joined John Lee, Customer Engineer at Google Cloud, to lead a panel called “Big Data. Smart Engagement?” on Monday, Feb. 5 at the NET Conference in St. Petersberg, Fla. Schneider and Lee discussed how big data, along with smarter analytics, can lead to more efficient and effective customer service. From new tools to simply understanding consumers better, big data is revolutionizing how organizations operate, leading to smarter and more nimble operations focused on consumer value and satisfaction. “Big data is a movement from documentation to discovery,” Schneider said. “We have been in information silos. When you put them together and start connecting the dots, that’s when the possibilities unfold.” Schneider said Members’ are increasingly becoming more engaged and interested in their own energy usage, which is helping to drive NISC’s solution development. “Electric cooperatives are generating greater volumes of data, largely through AMI devices,” Schneider said.  “We’re seeing our Members begin to embrace the use of big data. This is a big driver of how NISC develops tools to help its members make the most of their data resources.” Touchstone Energy’s annual NET Conference showcases innovation and provides evolving perspectives on industry issues, along with  emerging technologies that can help take co-ops and other businesses into the future.

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Rural America is Going Fast. NISC’s iVUE Connect® Service Can Help You Go Far.

There is no doubt that access to a high-speed internet connection has become essential infrastructure. Broadband enables the social and economic vitality of rural America, the service areas of so many of our telecom and utility Members. For the past 50 years, NISC has had the good fortune to operate in each of these industries. As their technology partner, NISC is pleased to help both industries grow and evolve to meet the changing times and end-user expectations. Our many telecom Members have done an excellent job providing telecommunications services, and earlier this year, we partnered with NTCA The Rural Broadband Association to help promote partnerships to continue meeting the broadband needs. We have also seen an acceleration of our utility Members starting to deploy fiber for smart grid and substation communications. Many have also expanded into broadband services for under-served areas in their service territories. Today we are pleased to be announcing iVUE Connect® Service, with broadband functionality for utilities that are offering broadband services. iVUE Connect Service offers a contemporary interface that provides utilities the ability to utilize a single system to bill for broadband, manage customer requests, and seamlessly provision services in one application. In November 2017, United Fiber in Savannah, Mo., launched iVUE Connect Service. Before launching this new solution, United's customer service representatives (CSR) had to provision triple-play services manually. With iVUE Connect Service, that all changed. Click here to learn more.

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Power in the Hands of Consumers

Cars that you plug in. Cars that receive their updates not at a car garage, but through an over-the-air update. Cars that are sold through direct sales, not on car lots. All of this is the reality for Tesla, an American automaker, energy storage company and solar panel manufacturer. Tesla is also a disrupter of the automotive industry. Tesla CTO JB Straubel spoke today at the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation (CFC) IBES 2017 conference, held Nov. 12-15 in San Francisco, California. Following the presentation, NISC President and CEO Vern Dosch joined Straubel onstage for a Q&A session. Straubel shared his thoughts on the growing demand for affordable electric cars, and Tesla’s mission to develop strong relationships with electric utilities across the country who have a proven track record of providing great service to their customers. As consumers have gained considerable power when it comes to making purchasing decisions, the demand has grown for smart, reliable energy choices. Gone are the days of few options as consumers now have the ability to easily research and learn where their power is sourced from and the choices they have when it comes to investing in companies. As a technology cooperative, NISC strives to stay ahead of these industry changes, and ensure its Members have the resources they need to meet their customers’ expectations. From solar panels to Nest thermostats – consumers are eager for the latest and greatest in energy usage, and NISC is proud to be a champion of that desire. Dosch discussed the evolution of the engaged consumer: those who are doing their research and seeking out new opportunities and options when it comes to power and electric usage. He explained how cooperatives are [...]

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Bringing Broadband to the Underserved

The need for broadband in all reaches of the country is real. It is becoming a necessity for residents in rural areas and critical to their quality of life, not to mention the impact it can have economically. The NISC staff traveled to Atlanta, Ga. this week to participate in Broadband Communities Magazine’s Economic Development Conference to discuss how we can all join together to build out broadband and maximize potential benefits. NISC’s Vice President of Member and Industry Jasper Schneider led a panel at the conference called “Partners on the Road to Rural Broadband” and was joined by panelists Kevin Larson, CEO/General Manager of Consolidated Telephone Co., Jeremy Nelms, P.E. – Director of Economic Development, Blue Ridge Mountain Electric Membership Corporation, and Hilda Legg, Vice Chairman of Broadband Communities. The panel discussed their experiences, successes and challenges of partnering to bring broadband to underserved areas. NISC wants to help empower this initiative however we can. This summer NISC joined forces with NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association, NRTC and National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corp. and developed a new site,, to match electric cooperatives, utilities and municipalities with nearby partners experienced in telecommunications. Together, their goal is to evaluate options to address the broadband gap and promote partnerships wherever possible. Let’s strengthen our communities by building broadband together.

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Enhancing Customer Connections with Technology

Technology can be a driver of many things, one of which is enhancing connections. Whether it’s family members staying in touch via social media or a customer paying their utility bill, technology can be a connecting bridge. This was the message that NISC’s Vice President of Member and Industry, Jasper Schneider, brought to the American Public Power Association’s Customer Connections Conference, held Nov. 5-8 in Sacramento, Calif. In a session titled, “Engaging Customers through Data and Technology,” Schneider provided examples of how technology can help municipalities and other public power entities enhance their connection with their customers. As NISC’s connection with public power increases, the organization is gaining a better understanding of how technology can help build these bridges from provider to customer and the solutions that will drive the future. NISC is excited to continue working on solutions with APPA and public power providers across all 50 states in the USA.

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Co-op Strong: The Principles in Practice

This past August and September, the hurricane season reared its head with full force as residents in Texas and Florida braced for Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. The aftermath left much devastation, with many residents displaced and others who lost everything. Seeing the despair and wanting to truly live by the Cooperative Principles of “Cooperation Among Cooperatives” and “Concern for Community”, NISC and iGEAR teamed up to do what we could to help. Together, we created Co-op Strong t-shirts for both Texas and Florida, encouraging NISC employees, Members and friends to purchase shirts for hurricane relief. One hundred percent of the proceeds went towards relief efforts, and NISC also gifted hundreds of shirts to our Members in the affected areas. Although a small act, it has since blossomed into a #CoopStrong movement, as we aim to show our support and solidarity for all affected by the devastation. With shirts available for purchase online, in our offices and at the 2017 MIC, so far more than $40,000 dollars have been raised for hurricane relief. Thank you to all of our Members and employees for your help in this effort, and for your dedication to helping our Members in Texas and Florida during this time of rebuilding and recovery. Still want to buy a shirt? Co-op Strong shirts will be available for purchase until Wednesday, November 1 in the online store, Thank you!

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