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Monthly Archives: February 2018


Giving 50 @ 50 – NISC Employees Fuel Donations to Cooperative Nonprofits

A technology cooperative reaching 50 years is an accomplishment that not only requires commitment and hard work, but the support and help of others along the way. To recognize and give back to the industries that helped NISC hit this tremendous milestone, the IT cooperative and its employees came together to raise funds for NRECA International and the Foundation for Rural Service (FRS). Together, NISC employees raised $25,000, which was then matched by NISC for a total of $50,000. These funds were split between FRS and NRECA International and presented to them during the 2018 NRECA TechAdvantage Expo in Nashville, Tenn., and the 2018 RTIME Meeting & Expo in Austin, Texas. "We wanted to recognize and give back to the industries who have given so much to us," said Jasper Schneider, NISC Vice President of Member & Industry. "Our employees came together to raise funds for two exemplary organizations who have played a key role in the advancement of the cooperative business model." NRECA International builds sustainable rural electrification programs across the globe, improving education, healthcare, safety and economic opportunity for millions of people. Over the past 55 years, they have brought electricity to more than 120 million people in 43 developing countries, and more than 300 NRECA-member cooperatives have contributed time and resources to rural communities served by NRECA International projects. FRS provides support and resources to rural telecom companies, communities and policymakers. Their mission revolves around sustaining and enhancing the quality of life in America by advancing a better understanding of rural issues. They also have a strong focus on providing educational achievement opportunities for rural youth, encouraging them to build up their communities. For more on NISC’s 50th anniversary, please visit [...]

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NISC Celebrates 50 Years of Innovation and Member Service

Lake Saint Louis, Mo., February 28, 2018 — National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC), an IT cooperative serving utilities and telecommunications organizations worldwide, has reached 50 years in business and kicked off a year of celebrations at the 2018 NRECA TechAdvantage Conference in Nashville, Tenn., and the 2018 RTIME Conference in Austin, Texas. "A 50-year technology cooperative is really something rare," said Vern Dosch, NISC President & CEO. "We wouldn't be here without the support of our Members and the dedication of our employees, and I'm very grateful to everyone for helping us hit such a tremendous milestone." NISC was the product of a merger between Central Area Data Processing (CADP) in Missouri and North Central Data Cooperative (NCDC) in North Dakota in 2000. The two technology cooperatives have been providing IT services to utility and telecommunications companies since the late 1960s, many of which are still Members today. At TechAdvantage and RTIME, NISC recognized 29 utility and telecom Members that have been with the organization for 50 years. Today, NISC serves more than 860 independent telephone companies, electric cooperatives and other public power entities. "It's so exciting to see the dream of one NISC realized," Dosch said. "We are not done. I can't wait to see what the next 50 years bring to NISC, because it’s going to be exciting, innovative and absolutely driven by our Membership." As part of NISC's 50th anniversary celebration, the company launched a charitable component called Giving 50@50. The organization raised $50,000 – half of which came from NISC employees. During the NISC Annual Meeting at TechAdvantage, NRECA CEO Jim Matheson and NRECA International Senior Vice President Dan Waddle joined Dosch on stage to accept a $25,000 donation to NRECA [...]

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Can Big Data Lead to Smart Engagement?

Can big data lead to smarter customer engagement? That’s the question pondered by Jasper Schneider, NISC’s Vice President of Member & Industry, during a panel at Touchstone Energy’s 2018 New and Emerging Technologies (NET) Conference. Schneider joined John Lee, Customer Engineer at Google Cloud, to lead a panel called “Big Data. Smart Engagement?” on Monday, Feb. 5 at the NET Conference in St. Petersberg, Fla. Schneider and Lee discussed how big data, along with smarter analytics, can lead to more efficient and effective customer service. From new tools to simply understanding consumers better, big data is revolutionizing how organizations operate, leading to smarter and more nimble operations focused on consumer value and satisfaction. “Big data is a movement from documentation to discovery,” Schneider said. “We have been in information silos. When you put them together and start connecting the dots, that’s when the possibilities unfold.” Schneider said Members’ are increasingly becoming more engaged and interested in their own energy usage, which is helping to drive NISC’s solution development. “Electric cooperatives are generating greater volumes of data, largely through AMI devices,” Schneider said.  “We’re seeing our Members begin to embrace the use of big data. This is a big driver of how NISC develops tools to help its members make the most of their data resources.” Touchstone Energy’s annual NET Conference showcases innovation and provides evolving perspectives on industry issues, along with  emerging technologies that can help take co-ops and other businesses into the future.

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