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Breaking Down the FCC Order: Recovery Mechanism

Posted by:  on Dec 14, 2011

The FCC is adopting a transitional recovery mechanism for incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (LECs) to facilitate the gradual transition away from intercarrier compensation (ICC) revenues that will be reduced by the Order.  This recovery mechanism is not 100 percent revenue-neutral to today’s revenues. The rate-of-return incumbent LECs’ baseline for recovery will be based on: 2011 […]


The Great Smart Meter Conspiracy: Pity the Poor Power Thief

Posted by:  on Sep 13, 2011

“Smart Meters” might not rise to folk lore status like the JFK conspiracy, Big Foot sightings, UFO crashes, or the President’s country of birth, but they are being demonized on the Web by consumer and fringe advocacy groups. It’s the utility industries’ Big Brother” moment, they say. Unlike a time, long, long ago, nothing is […]


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