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Becoming More Efficient and Effective Through AVL

Posted by:  on Feb 15, 2012

Some of the more common industry questions heard around the office today are about becoming more efficient and effective. The challenge here—is really knowing how to do just that.

While there are virtually limitless amount of creative ideas these days within the workplace, one solution which can actually make efficiency and effectiveness a reality is through Automated Vehicle Location (AVL).

Whether the task at hand involves trouble tickets, service orders, or work orders, AVL provides dispatchers a way of knowing which qualified resource is closest to the task and this will allow them to allocate that resource properly.

Contrary to the popular belief, AVL is not designed to take the ‘big brother’ approach to managing crews, but rather to provide dispatchers with key information for making better decisions—or as most would term it, being more efficient and effective.

GPS Insight, an AVL provider, will be providing a learning webinar for those interested in how they may utilize this type of service.  The Webinar will be on Wednesday, February 29th starting at 11:30 a.m. EST.  The presentation will focus solely on AVL technology, and will feature two utility fleet managers sharing their real-world experience on how AVL has helped to streamline their operations. Please visit for further details.

If you have immediate questions, please contact Joe Vidmar at GPS Insight, 630-544-2794, or

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